Many of us may spend most of our time doing things in autopilot mode, from the moment you wake up in the morning followed by the series of activities as it unfold throughout the day til you go to bed at night. It can sound like a whirlwind cycle of mindless living. You can turn this around so that you can enjoy every moment of the day despite the mundane activities. When you truly open your sense door and simply be fully attentive to everything arriving into your door of awareness. This is mindfulness. Pick one thing that you do everyday like walking to work; instead of engaging with your smartphone, pay attention to every step you make, how your feet interact with the earth, all the sounds you hear around you, feel your breath as you make each step. This can be a simple act of bringing joy into the present moment that you're living in.

"Resting in awareness in any moment involves giving ourselves over to all our senses, in touch with inner and outer landscapes as one seamless whole, and thus in touch with all of life unfolding in its fullness in any moment and in every place we might possibly find ourselves, inwardly or outwardly." ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn