When you say 'YES', it brings positivity, opportunity and hope that opens the gate to receive what your deepest soul really wants. When you say 'NO', it removes you away from the 'YES' which closes the gate.

This full moon is set at the junction at the end of the year and begins a new year, a power switch that is an important step to make changes so you can move from 'NO' to 'YES'! List the top 3 'NO' that you want to release, maybe it was an event or a part of your life that you were not satisfy with. See it in your mind's eyes as you burn this in fire and mentally release them. Next, list the top 3 'YES' that you want to invite into your life that brings you joy, happiness and abundance. See it in your mind's eyes as if it is happening right now and feel it in your whole being then offer it up to the divine universe. 

Om Namo Narayani.
"I surrender to the Divine."