We live each day not knowing what's coming up next can be fearful, it can be unsettling and trigger anxiety and worry. The uncertainty can sometimes take you into a ride around every possible directions that escalate to more fear. As human beings, we like to plan our life and know our steps so we feel safe and secured. Whilst this is all good and sound but when you really think about it, you are in the hindsight putting up fences and conditioning into your own path. What happens if something doesn't happen as planned? You may be worried and anxious, so it keeps circling around fear.

So what can you do? Maybe you can try to create a loose map of your plans and ideas without keeping it too tight but just so you know it's there as a reference. Then put it aside and enjoy your life as it presents to you. The true fearless freedom comes when there is no attachment and aversion if something doesn't happen as planned. You haven't put up tight fencing and conditioning that will trigger your fear. If you don't create fear within yourself, you become fearless. Being fearless is freedom that can light up your world.

Hope this brings you a fresh perspective as we embark into this New Moon which happens to be the Chinese New Year too! 

Carol x