The here and now. This moment. Present. How can you hold this space of being completely at one with what is, instead of what was or what will be? The past and the future does not exist if you live in the presence, which is being in the moment as you move from moment to moment, breath by breath. It is so easy (to a point where it becomes a habit) to escape to the past or the future and it is so challenging to stay in the presence. Life demands so much of us that we need to be here, to be there, to do this, to do that. In the midst of getting stuff done, is your awareness fully in it or your awareness spreads across multiple things like the past or the future?

When you are in love with what you do, you are 100% present. The presence of love will always cast out fear. 

Set your intention for today's New Moon to choose 3 things that you love doing and be completely present when you are in it. Practice it everyday and you will notice a shift in your awareness as it draws you closer to finding what you love in life.