The heart has so much more power over the head, but often we live in our heads. As much as it is important to have perceptions and intellect to get us moving through the daily tasks, we also need to create space to listen into the heart's intuition to make decisions from a place of greater insights. 

I have been working with this concept of moving through my day from the heart. Feeling into my heart space each moment and really listen to the response that comes out from there. Connecting with people with an open and receptive mind, teaching yoga from that deeper place to connect with other's hearts so my head is free from analysis, judgement and attachment. When the heart is being touched, it pours out infinite amount of love energy that illuminates you as who you are deep within.

Experience it yourself, sit with yourself every time you are unsure or need to make a decision. Drop your awareness down into your heart center, maybe to place your hands over the heart area to connect then silently ask your heart to whatever you need to know. Listen and you shall receive. 

Happy Full Moon everyone! May all your deepest desire illuminate on this full moon.

Carol x