Want to promote productivity of your staff while taking care of their health and wellbeing? We are here to help you. At My Yoga Essence, we offer corporate yoga classes tailor to your health needs, whether the goal is to ease stressful mind or tight bodies from long hours of sitting. The classes ensure everyone is safe and feel comfortable and relaxed while gaining ultimate experience for a healthy body and mind. 

Classes are catered from small to large businesses in Sydney. My Yoga Essence has been working with companies including Lend Lease, Sheridan, Employsure, Transgrid, DKO and Women's Housing Company.

Your Benefits

·       Improve mental and physical health
·       Reduce stress, anxiety, headache and fatigue
·       Release neck, shoulder and back tension
·       Relieve eye-strain
·       Improve posture and concentration
·       Increase energy
·       Build muscle strength and flexibility
·       Build employee trust and loyalty
·       Improve performance and productivity
·       Lower absenteeism
·       Enhance team relationship

What you need

1.     A room/floor space: class size depends on the limit of the room capacity (we recommend class size of up to 15-20 staff to ensure each participant receive the required individual attention from the instructor and the best possible experience).

2.     Yoga mats

3.     Choose a day and time that suits you (Morning/Lunch/Afternoon/After work)

4.     Duration: session are typically 30mins, 45mins OR 60mins 

5.     Choose one or combined class type to suit your group (Chair Yoga / Relaxation / Meditation / Yin Yoga / Gentle Yoga / Dynamic Yoga )

  • Chair Yoga - an effective and gentle practice for people with mobility issues or cannot stand, and even for office workers to use chair to support them in yoga poses and simple movements without the need to change from their work clothes or sweat.

  • Relaxation - a guided relaxation (yoga nidra) to bring your consciousness between sleeping and dreaming to restore the body and mind in a deeper state of restfulness. (30 mins)

  • Meditation - combination of seated, lying and walking meditation techniques to create calm and peace with your mind.

  • Yin Yoga - a passive practice that is mainly seated or lying which involve stretching the deep connective tissues where each pose is held for 3 - 5 minutes, a revitalising and restorative practice for the mind and body.

  • Gentle Yoga - a slow and gentle practice that moves and stretch the body in a more mindful manner to allow space for each individual to explore the depth of their body in the practice, which includes breathing practices to calm the busyness of the mind.

  • Dynamic Yoga - a steady to moderate pace practice that link breath to movement which moves dynamically to build strength and endurance, great for stimulating your heart rate and maybe a sweat!


One off session | 30mins | $130
10 sessions | 30mins/session | $1200

One off session | 45mins | $170
10 sessions | 45mins/session | $1600

One off session | 60mins | $190
10 sessions | 60mins/session | $1800


Contact Carol on 0403 268 872 or email to arrange a time for the session.



We offer yoga for your next conference delegates the opportunity to start their day with a yoga session that includes gentle stretching, deep breathing and relaxation techniques designed to sharpen reflexes and relax the mind to make it more receptive to information. 

If you’re looking to include yoga in your event, we can tailor our class to suit your audience.

We can organize retreats if you’re looking at team building or gathering for you and your team. We have a range of amazing venues that we work with locally in Sydney, Interstate and Internationally. Whether you are looking for a weekend or a week experience, we can organize accommodation, catering and yoga sessions.


Contact Carol on 0403 268 872 or email to arrange your next event.


Offering your company a FREE 30 mins taster yoga so you can experience yoga at your workplace. Just need some space at your workplace and BYO yoga mats/towel.

There is no obligation. Call or email to book your FREE session today. 

Contact Carol on 0403 268 872 or email to arrange a date and time for your free session.