Working effectively with the five elements of nature is fundamental to maintaining a harmonious internal environment of the body, mind and emotions.

Chinese medicine place a strong emphasis on understanding the relationship of the organs with the various signs and symptoms manifest on the physical, emotional and mental levels of existence. In this context, organs refer to the energetic meridian, not in terms of anatomical structure.

How the 5 elements relate to the meridians

In general, Chinese medicine recognise the five pair of organs that are based upon the Yin-Yang theory and Five Element principles as:

Element organ meridian chart

Why are Yin-Yang organs important

The Yin-Yang paired organs of an element are seen as being connected through certain internal and external meridians. The Yin organs are more emphasised in Chinese Medicine as their functions are important in maintaining balance both physically and mentally. The Yin organs are solid organs and internally placed in the body than Yang organs, its main role is to absorb, transform, regulate and store vital nutrients. Yang organs are hollow organs and are externally situated within the body cavity, its main role is to receive, transmit and digest food and liquid as well as eliminate wastes.

What disturbs the balance of the meridians

The organs are associated with the characteristics of the elements. For example, the organs associated with the Wood element is liver and gallbladder. The pair of organ meridians is easily affected by influences of the climate condition of wind, the season of spring, sour food and drinks, green colour and the emotion of anger. Disturbances in the organ meridian can project symptoms into the body as colour changes in the eyes, face or nails, or shouting as a form to release anger or frustration.

How to maintain balance in the meridians

The Chinese developed a complex model to explain the functions of the various organs based on the energetic patterning of the individual organs in relation to their role in pathology in the body. By understanding the relationship of organ meridians with the elements helps to inform us why illness manifest and how to work effectively with the elements in order to align better with the seasons.

Especially, the transitions of the seasons are crucial times during which illness may arise if the body’s resistance to disease and adaptability to the environment is low.

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