Life flows when chi flows. When our body gets tense and stress, chi becomes blocked. So does our mind when it is scattered, chi goes everywhere. The goal is to have clear energy channels and promote healthy chi flow so our body and mind can digest all that is happening around us and at times of challenges in life.

What is chi

Chi, qi and prana all refers to energy. Chi is like a river that flows within the energy channels. Within the body there are three main energy channels, called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. When certain part of this channel gets blocked, it stops the flow of chi hence impacting our physical, mental and emotional health as well as how we move through life.

When chi flows

When chi flows efficiently, both our voluntary and involuntary functions work at optimal levels. The community within our body work together as a whole, it allows healthier digestion, more restful sleep, increased energy and more resilient to stress! That’s right, allowing more chi to flow through your body can increase your ability to skillfully manage stress, increasing your overall well-being.

How to boost your chi

1. Relax and soften

Chi only flows when the body is relaxed. Tension stops the flow. When there are worry and stress, it send signal to the mind and its protective mechanism. It automatically switches on the fight and flight mode and hence the whole body tenses up, which stops the chi flow. Whereas when the body is relaxed, the mind naturally relaxes and hence chi flow uninterruptedly. It is also important to stay soft around the joints to allow the gateway to pass chi more freely. Soften the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and relax the whole body, especially the belly where we often hold so much of our tension and emotions, soften it.

2. Whole body breathing

The closest and most accessible tool we have is our breath, by taking easy and smooth breath allows movement of chi to circulate blood within the body. Promoting chi to move toxic waste out of our body. Imagine there are pores in your skin that allows the whole body to breathe. Feel the whole body breathe itself and visualise chi flowing through every pore of the skin in your body.

As the body relax and soften, the energy channels naturally open which allows chi to move around freely. Chi is an essential ingredient in maintaining the health of our physical, mental and emotional environment. When chi is balanced and harmonious, it allows you to enjoy a state of calm and ease that is free of stress. Life flows more effortlessly where you can enjoy more of life!

Slow down and breathe,

Carol x