Do you feel your energy is slowing down or easily get depleted?

As we are reaching towards the last month or so of the year, there are moments where we start to feel our energy is not as bright and fresh as the beginning of the year. Our mind is more drawn towards slowing down and party time. Just before we wind down, we still have to keep our engine running at its optimal form to drive us towards completion of tasks and projects. How do we do it?

It’s the perfect time to re-awaken and remind your body and mind of what drive your motivation towards reaching your goal in the first place. Do not let the mind fool you to go side-track, when you are nearly there. You may just need a little nudge!

Here are some tools to help you cultivate more YANG

1. Strengthen your Tapas

We all have this inner fire within us, it is there to drive us and motivate us towards our goals. In yoga, tapas mean “discipline”, the fierce focus, the commitment necessary to burn off any obstructions from being in the true state of yoga. Don’t let your habit pulls you back, but instead stick to something you set out to do and use your tapas to get you where you need to go. You can do it!

2. Practice Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar can be practice before sunrise, it helps to strengthen the entire body and mind. Also it helps to stimulate the nervous system, build focus and concentration which improve the function of the brain. The solar plexus which is located behind the navel is the central point of the human body, it is said to be connected with the Sun. When placing our focus and moving from our core center in the yoga practice, it helps to strengthen our solar plexus and hence our connection with the sun.

3. Get Sun Energy

Spend 10 minutes every day (preferably before 10am using sun protection) under sunlight to draw in sun energy, which has a positive effect on the body’s resilience, synthesis of vitamin D and boost our mood by encouraging release of endorphins.

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Move from the dark to the light using the above tools to create the transformation you desire in your life!

Slow down and breathe,

Carol x