Are you living a life that’s very Yang in nature where you are always on-the-go or trying to do too many things at the same time? Many people fall into this category and end up burning themselves out and if not acknowledged, they may gradually weaken their health and have detrimental consequences. Wouldn’t this take more time and energy than to have the skills to maintain our best health and enjoy more of what life can offer?

Luckily there are some tools to balance out our Yang by cultivating more Yin in our life.

Yin is very cooling and calming in its nature, think about the moon which is the feminine side of us. While Yang is heating and stimulating in its nature, just like the sun which is the masculine side of us. Despite being a male or female, we have both Yin and Yang qualities within us.

To cultivate more Yin, we need to shift focus from Yang which is all about ACTION and CONTROL to Yin which is about BEING and SURRENDER.

Here are the tools to help you cultivate more YIN

1. Slow down & Prioritise

Pay attention to all the activities you do on a daily basis, put all the things from your head onto a piece of paper with 3 columns. The first column is ‘MUST DO’, these are your top priorities. The second column is ‘CAN WAIT’, these don’t have a high priority but it’s something that needs to get done. The third column is ‘LATER’, which is something that you have on the back of your mind that has no urgency and can be done anytime.

2. Make space & Receive

As we are often giving time and space for others, how about ourselves? Make time and space for yourself every single day for just 5 minutes every hour to PAUSE from the activity. Allow yourself to move away from that familiar environment, whether to go for a walk and watch the sky, tree or even close your eyes and SIMPLY BE. Receive breathing space for yourself.

3. Practice Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is great for anyone with a busy lifestyle and it’s a perfect balance if you already have an active and dynamic exercise. By staying in each pose for a few minutes allows not only the physical body to release the deeper holding pattern in the connective tissues but to unblock any stagnant energy that flows in the meridians that correlate to the health of your bodily organs. It is an ultimate practice for the mind to cultivate a receptive and meditative state by letting go of the holding and to allow yourself to surrender to being.

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Where there is Yang there must also be Yin...this is the law of balance in nature. Start cultivating more Yin in your practice and in your life so you can find flow in everything you do!

Slow down and breathe,

Carol x