Nature is made up of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. SO ARE YOU!

How the Elements support you

The five elements are used as a healing system of Traditional Chinese Medicine to describe cycles or patterns that exist in nature, in health, and in disease. The theory of the five elements is designed to help you understand who you are, why you behave and feel the way you do, and how the world inside you mirrors the energy and vitality of the natural world. Using this system you can learn to recognise imbalances in the body, mind and spirit and correct them before illness strikes.

Finding your element and what it means

You are a part of nature, the seasons, therefore you are not a manifestation of only one element but of all of them. What makes you different from another is the proportion of the elements. Usually there are one or two elements that are predominant in a person.

When you align your element with nature’s element, there is a sense of coming home to yourself. You will find inner harmony with your health and wellbeing, which allows you to cultivate powerful manifestation abilities in your life and experience ease and flow as you move through changes of life cycle.

Five elements

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Five Element Quiz

This quiz is a good indicator of your dominant element which is consistent throughout your life. You may notice that your current element may change, just as you would change and grow over the years. What’s important is to balance any imbalances within your elements!

How to: Circle each statement that applies to you (you can have more than one). Add up the total on each column which will reveal your score for each element. The higher your score, the higher your concentration of that element. Remember, you may have one or two elements that are predominant.

Element quiz.png
Five elements

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Element Profile

Wood element

The Wood element // Pioneer

Wood element people are characterised with greenish complexion, long face with a pointed chin, small hands and wide shoulders. Wood are the leaders, inventors, seekers and visionaries. They can work in solo as well as with others. They enjoy challenges and will take the lead in groups. They love action and adventure and like to take steps to create movement in projects. They have a fast working metabolism so they are seldom overweight. They can get frustrated and angry easily when things become standstill. To balance Wood, their challenge is to know when to take a step back so that real expansion can occur.

Fire element

The Fire element // Manifestor

Fire element people are characterised with red complexion and a skinny face. They are full of muscles in the back and have a small head. Fire is often the life of the party who are extrovert, high energy and enjoy life. They are like the flame, full of passion, charisma and enthusiasm. Fire have the fuel to manifest their highest potential, although Water element is born with ideas and Wood element provide forward motion. When out of balance, Fire becomes burnt out as their energy can easily scatter in many different directions without proper focus. They are hot in nature so hot weather can exhaust Fire element. To balance Fire, they need to find balance between relaxation, stress management and the ability to express their passion to reach their highest potential.

Earth element

The Earth element // Team Builder

Earth element people are characterised with yellowish complexion, round face and big head, big abdomen and plenty of muscles. They like to be involved and needed and are the natural mediator who thrives on harmonious relationships, love helping people and being supportive. They are the container or stage on which we all play, think of the mother who provides for their child. They are very stable and do not take change very well. Earth can get worried when something is out of their control. Without the demands of work or responsibility to others, they can become inert and can get caught up in circular thinking. It leads to stagnation of energy and poor digestion. To balance Earth, they need to balance their devotion to relationships with solitude and self-expression, developing self-reliance as well as building community.

Metal element

The Metal element // Organiser

Metal element people are characterised with white complexion, square face, small head, small shoulders and small abdomen. Often they have excess body hair. They are the natural organisers who like to keep things in check and on schedule. They make great accountants, engineers, scientists, editors, architects, personal assistants and professional organisers. They love structure and discipline and would create an orderly environment including labelling their storage items. They are guaranteed to be detailed-oriented and precise in anything they do. Metal have a strong will yet willing to adapt to changing circumstances. They tend to cut to the chase in conversation without the need for embellishments. Their imbalance can show up as being obsessive, perfectionist or overly rigid in their mindset. They tend to have tunnel vision without the ability to see the big picture. To balance Metal, they need to compensate their rationality, self-control with softening boundaries and be spontaneous.

Water element

The Water element // Philosopher

Water element people are characterised with greyish complexion, dark rings under their eyes, big head, small shoulders, big abdomen, active hands and feet, and their back is longer than average. They are quiet and typically introverted and like to remain hidden. All creation is born from water. Water are deeply creative, contemplative, intuitive and introspective. They will most likely to be the ones who figure out the key to world peace, and to leave it up to the other elements to implement it. They are self-contained and self-sufficient, however, when out of balance their life is dominated by fear so they tend to become withdrawn and hide from the world. They tend to keep their emotions hidden and process slowly before taking action. To balance Water, they need to offset their toughness and isolation with tenderness and openness.

Next Step

Now that you know which element you are currently dominant in, you are ready to take the next step to get in touch with your element to find balance in the energies, regulate their flow, and adjust any excesses or deficiencies, so that you can create your best health, best life and live in harmony with nature.

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Slow down and breathe,

Carol x