Are you in tune with the full moon?

We are made up of more than 70% water, the gravitational pull of water in the sea will have an effect within our body and emotions. Some people may be more sensitive to the full moon than others, but we are all in it and the more we can work with this magnifying energy around us, the easier we can manage what goes on inside and navigate life more easefully.

Whatever you do during full moon, the energy intensifies which is why some highly sensitive people have interrupted sleep and often feel more impulsive and emotional than usual.

At full moon, the impulse changes from waxing to waning which is a crucial time we start to let go, release and focus on exhaling. Instead of moving against the resistance of this intense energy by overworking, taking on more than you can cope, JUST LET GO! Follow the waning phase of the moon, all your hard work that you have built up until full moon, this is the time to just go easy on yourself and relax into the effort that you have put in and SURRENDER!

This FULL MOON TONIC practice will shine a light into all areas of your life that needs your attention, which could be related to work, home, relationships, the past, future or anything that you have been working on. It is the brightest light that will shake things up for you so that you can be guided in a more healthy and intuitive direction as you start to filter out anything that do not serve and support you. The full moon is all about letting go and releasing the old, the stagnant energies which can be recycled into the earth to transform into the new.

Roll out your mat under the bright full moon (even better!) and get ready to shine up your life and let go of the old.

I would love to hear if you feel lighter and better after the practice, write “I feel lighter” in the comments.