Coming down with a cold or flu is a reflection of either an internal or external factor according to traditional chinese medicine. Internal influences may be caused from overwork, stress, insufficient sleep, unhealthy eating and external influences relate to pathogens in the environment.

Winter is really a time of nurturing our energy and taking more time to rest and nourish our internal system to prevent from falling ill. If you’re interested to learn how TCM and Yoga can help you work with winter energy, click here.

Yoga helps to lower stress hormones that compromise the immune system, while tonifying the lungs and respiratory tract to circulate toxins out of the body. The yoga tradition suggests that cold and flu result from poor digestion or energy imbalance in the digestive tract which results in a build up of mucus and phlegm that moves into the lungs.

This IMMUNE BOOSTER practice will beat the cold and flu season by clearing out congestion from the lungs and stimulate energy in the thymus glands to help fight disease. With regular practice it helps to circulate blood flow to strengthen and support your immune function and creates a buffer from virus entering into your system.

Roll out your mat and get ready to give your immunity a boost.

I would love to hear if you feel stronger after the practice, write “I feel strong” in the comments.

Carol x