Seasonal change is inevitable, how do you navigate your life through the transitions of the seasons is not rocket science! As we are a part of nature and nature is in us, by aligning ourselves with nature create harmony in our life. Like increases like. The more you live in tune with nature, the more you become a part of nature and be able to move through the ebb and flow of life.

At the moment, your life may be joyful and filled with purpose or feeling lost and purposeless. Whichever phase you find yourself in, you are experiencing a transition. Just like life is in a constant state of flux, the season changes, so do you if you want to thrive in life. The seasonal cycles are natural and are necessary for personal growth. It is important to go through change, rather than wait for it to pass or hope to get over it. During these phases of change, we must learn to adapt to the changes of seasons as it is a natural part of life.

To adapt to the seasons, you need to understand the elements that correspond to the seasons. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the five seasons are connected with the five elements: Spring = Wood, Summer = Fire, Late Summer = Earth, Autumn = Metal and Winter = Water.

Ever notice that Spring brings about purpose and plans, ambitions and growth? The element of wood is related to the spring season, which has an outward movement energy of growth and endurance. Think of trees, flowers, grass or bamboo. The organ meridians related are liver and gallbladder which is all about detoxification. There is a natural tendency for us to come out of our shell during this time of the year and have a cleanse.

This is a natural movement of the seasons and if you resist changing with the natural rhythm, you will meet blockage not only in your life but also impacting your health and wellbeing. Think of moving with the current of water instead of against it. It is much harder to resist the flow of current and much more at ease to flow with the current and same with life.

Whenever you are feeling uncertain about life and moving through transitions, by looking into the seasons will help you navigate the gifts and challenges to increase insight into how you handle situations that arise in your life.

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Like the seasons, keep growing, blooming, and living.

Slow down and breathe,

Carol x