When you think of the word S P A C E, how does it make you feel?

Spacious, right? Because S P A C E feels spacious...and we all want space in our body, in our breath, in our mind and ultimately in our life!

Here are 3 steps to magnifying space!

1. Shift the shape of your body

When you move your body through space, your body is merging with the outer environment while your inner environment interact with all the possible spaces to the border of your skin. As you practice yoga, you move your arms and legs and body into different shapes to feel a particular effect and then you get to a place where you notice the space you’ve made from it.

2. Shift your breath

Once you’ve moved your body, there is a natural inner space being created within the body for the prana, the breath to move into the body’s capacity. This assist you to optimise your breath so it allows your inner environment to feel even more spacious and hence optimise the functions of your other systems in the body.

3. Shift your mind

When you’ve shifted the shape of your body which helps to shift your breath and naturally now that the mind has shifted. You may notice the shift in your state from when you started the practice to the end of the practice. There seems to be more space and time for the mind to be here. Time seems to have slowed down and space is magnified.

This is the sequential link that can move you from the most crowded and compressed space to the most open and infinite space that is available to you.

In a world of noise, distractions and stimulation, we can easily get caught up into a bubble of stress and feel short of time. There is a constant yearning for magnifying space within us and we can all access this place and now you know how!

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Slow down and breathe,

Carol x