Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive and holistic alternative medicine to healing the internal body and the root of the issue. The ancient Chinese Medicine concern not only the physical body but also the subtle energetic body. The meridians health is an important aspect of the energetic body and hence can affect physical and mental health. To address any imbalances in the meridians, both Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are used.

I have the honour to invite Kirk Wilson, a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist to share his experience and insight into this healing modality with us.

Importance of Meridians

The energetic body is made up of meridians, which act as channels or pathways where blood and chi flow. The meridians run through the entire body, affecting all processes in the body and the mind. The meridian system can be compared to a complex system of waterways, which consists of main channels which are divided into smaller internal pathways. The meridians are not separate from each other but they flow from one to the next like an interconnected network. When there is a blockage in the channel, it may affect other underlying areas of the body along the same channel.

What is Chinese Medicine and how it works

“Chinese Medicine is essentially an energetic medicine, it’s a complex healing art which involves treating underlying energetic imbalances in the body. In theory, if someone has an imbalance on an energetic level, they will, in turn, become imbalance at a physical level. There are two modalities of treatment, one being acupuncture and other is herbal medicine.” said Kirk

How does acupuncture work

“Acupuncture is a well known and recognised energetic medicine. The assumption is that there are pathways around the body in which energy travels. At specific points in these pathways, a needle is placed in the points of the body that will regulate energy in a particular way. Acupuncture theoretically can’t put someone out of balance but can only bring someone into balance. Some of the acupoints can do more than one thing, yet they only really do what’s required as to what the body needs which is quite a fascinating, interesting and mystical concept.” Kirk added

What you need to know when seeing a Chinese Medicine Practitioner

“When a patient comes for an appointment, I record their signs and symptoms and determine what their problem is. Chinese medicine is quite unique which include both tongue and pulse diagnosis. I then group all of the patient’s presenting symptoms of what they’re experiencing as well as what the practitioner observe about them. These are then matched up to the patterns of differentiation, which are the pre-existing grouping of symptoms that are indicative of a specific energetic imbalance. It is then followed by formulating a prescription of acupuncture and herbal medicines to address the energetic imbalance. The goal is to bring the imbalances back to where it needs to be.” said Kirk

It can be seen that meridians health is vital in Chinese Medicine for maintaining a harmonious environment in the body, energy and mind.  

Slow down and breathe,

Carol x