Every month, you have an opportunity to work with the moon. When you align your energy with the moon cycle, it allows you to be supported by the universe which always has your back!

Energy becomes highest during the peak of the moon which allows us to tune into the vibration and make necessary adjustments in our lifestyle so that our energy aligns with the greater.

During the waxing phase of the moon, it is like a building phase where you can continue to open up to all the things you want to come into fruition. During this time, our energy is still amplifying and the more you can cultivate your energy towards what you have set that intention on new moon, the more it will manifest in the right direction.

This NEW MOON TONIC practice will create space for you to open up to new possibilities and potential that you like to invite into your life. It is the beginning of a new cycle which is an ideal practice during new moon days to set a new intention whether it’s for a new goal, new direction, new project and to draw in the energy of the moon for manifestation to take place. You have an opportunity every month and it is free to access! When you start to work in alignment with the moon, you begin to flow with the energy of abundance in life.

Roll out your mat under the dark new moon (even better!) and get ready to set your heart’s desires intentions to allow what needs to take place to manifest.

I would love to hear if you feel renewed with new energy after the practice, write “I feel renewed” in the comments.