Retreat into Self

We all enjoy life more when we have time for self each day.

Choose things that feed your soul, de-stress your mind and bring you enjoyment. Think of things you would like to do that’s going to give you good energy and uplift your spirit. Write down the TOP 10 THINGS that come to mind that is going to give you more health and happiness…. anything big and small! WRITE IT DOWN!

Chill out and relax

If you want some inspiration to get started, here is my personal list:

  • Daily yoga and meditation (whether it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours)

  • Breathing space scattered throughout the day to reset my mind

  • Time outdoor in nature

  • Home spa ritual and skin care

  • Eat clean and nourishing food

  • Soak in ocean breeze and sun

  • Read books that grow my mind and inspire me

  • Having an organised home and designated work space

  • Inspiring work projects that allow me to grow and get excited

  • A weekend retreat that reconnect with my soul

>>> Now it’s your turn!

You can choose what you do with your time

Remember we spend on average 8 hours at work and 8 hours on sleep. That leaves all of us with 8 hours in the day to choose what we like to do.

Make an appointment with yourself to reflect on TIME FOR YOU on weekdays and weekends.

Let’s start making it happen!

Slow down and breathe,


P.s. I would love to hear your inspiring list, please share what gives you good energy and uplift your spirit in the comment below.