How you practice your yoga reflects the kind of yogi you are in life.

1. Do you feel like you are moving through the same routine every day in an auto-pilot mode just trying to get things done?

2. Do you feel bored and tune out easily following the same sequence in a yoga class?

If you answer yes to either of the above, this is for you!

As you first started yoga, you may notice that your aim was to try follow the poses and movement without thinking about how you move nor did you even notice whether the teacher is guiding you a repeated sequence. As you come back to the yoga class on a regular basis, you may start to get a hang of the poses and remember them. And over time, you may even relate to certain sequences that you enjoy and those that you don’t enjoy as much. Does this sound familiar? Then it comes a time, when the teacher repeats the same sequence over and over again, you may begin to tune out or your mind and body are completely consumed into the moment that you are aware of the subtle changes from within. This is when the magic happens!

Just as the breath changes, every moment changes. There are not two breath that is the same, just as there are not two moments that are the same. It may feel similar but if you listen deeply enough and truly participate in it, it is different.

This is also reflected in your life. As you move through your daily routine, you may sometimes be doing the same thing in an auto-pilot mode without being aware of it. Just like walking from home to work, your brain already registered your GPS and your legs would naturally take you there. Same as driving, showering, washing dishes and any activites that you do every day and maybe over a few times a day.

The magic happens when you stay curious with what is here now, followed by the next moment, then the next moment…. seeing each moment as a new moment, just like each breath is a new breath.

How can you move differently or feel the changes everytime you come back to the same pose or sequence? How can you move through your ‘sometimes boring’ routine in life with more excitement and enjoyment?

The practice of yoga allows you to be at one with your body and mind, and overtime you become more present with each moment and to be more present in your life, which is constantly changing and evolving.

Stay open and curious to this very moment!

Slow down and breathe,

Carol x