Your nurturing force in life

How can you find harmony in everything that you do? The most accessible measure that you can take is through the two breaths. The INHALE and EXHALE are strength receiving, male and female, above and below - the nurturing force that encompasses everything that you do to allow you to find harmony!

Notice how your two breaths are right now...

Does one feel more dominant than the other?
Do you have a longer inhale than your exhale?
Does one breath feel more forced than the other?

There is no inhale without the exhale and exhale without the inhale. The two breaths are constantly in a dance to ensure your nervous system is balanced. We often pay so little attention to our breath throughout the day, as we are so focused on other things when we know our body naturally breathe itself. One place that allows us to acknowledge this intelligence of the breath, our nurturing force is when we are on the yoga mat.

We connect our body with our breath to unite the mind in one place. When we allow strength (inhale) to be received (exhale), we are being nurtured by this life force. Not only do we feel more energy through the circulation of the breath, but it also allows our mind to find more clarity.

Try this simple yet powerful practice to get in touch with your inner harmony (you can do this seated or standing.) As you inhale, circle your arms out and up towards the sky and as you exhale, release your arms back beside your body. Linking the fullness of your breath with the fullness of the movement so that the breath movement becomes the body movement and the body movement is the breath movement. Do it a few rounds until you feel completely immerse into the moment of your breath and allow the strength of the inhale to be received by the exhale so the two breaths are balanced in its quality.

Now reflect on the practice, notice how the mind had so little room to be elsewhere outside of the body and the breath but to be 100% attentive to the breath and the movement of the body. You can now apply this breathing body practice into the whole yoga practice. When you notice your breath quality is out of harmony, PAUSE, then start again.

The more that you can practice this strength (inhale) from above that is received (exhale) from below and finding harmony between them, the more harmony it becomes in everything that you do in life.

Slow down and breathe,

Carol x