Yoga is traditionally taught one-on-one, to adapt the individual bodies and needs as we are all different. At My Yoga Essence, we offer private classes for one-on-one available by appointment. We can tailor a class to suit individual health needs. 

Private yoga

Yoga is not a ‘one size fits all’ practice, as every individual is different. Having a private one-on-one session allows more attention and guidance to the individual, particularly beneficial if you are new to yoga and want a more personalised practice. you’d like to deepen a particular aspect of your practice. We’re here to support you to become healthier and happier. We offer yoga at the comfort of your own home or a space that is convenient to you.

Your benefits

  • Full attention to your individual needs

  • Tailored made class just for you

  • Hands on adjustment to assist you to move deeper into the poses

  • Your choice of day and time that suits your schedule

  • We also offer semi-private yoga class for you and a few friends or family members to enjoy together

  • A supportive environment so you can learn in a safe and encouraging manner


One off session | 60mins | $100
10 sessions | 60mins/session | $900

If you're working with a specific injury, we highly recommend a Private Yoga Therapy session. click for more info.


Contact Carol on 0403 268 872 or email to arrange a time for the session.

online private yoga

Online live Yoga

Don't have access to good yoga classes nearby? Find it difficult to follow an online yoga video? Can't travel to meet me in person?

Having access to an online live yoga teacher can be closer than you think, someone who understands and meet you where you're at. Whether you are completely new to yoga or are a seasonal yogis, someone who needs a personalised attention or would like to address certain areas in your yoga journey. I am here to guide and support you with the best yoga tools to cater for your unique mind and body instead of a cookie cutter approach. I offer a personalised practice that is made just for you and with clear and easy to understand cues so you can follow. After years of working intuitively and by observing clients in the same space as myself, I am confident that teaching you live online can have a transformative impact to your health and wellbeing.

How can you start?

There are a few platforms that we can have an online live yoga session, including Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp video or Messenger video. Before our first online live yoga session, I also offer a free 15 minutes introduction to ensure we can see each other clearly and go through a few essentials (what you need for an online yoga session) and get to know each other a bit (if we haven't met before). 


One off session | 45mins* | $70
10 sessions | 45mins/session* | $600
*Include up to extra 15mins in case of connection drop out

To get started or have any questions, call me on 0403 268 872 or email 

I look forward to meeting and working with you online!