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past retreat

autumn yoga retreat
20 - 22 april 2018

the perfect autumn weather for a yoga retreat in the mountains - so lovely to see my past, present and meet new yogis who opened their hearts and minds to receive a nourishing weekend to themselves. thank you for joining and i look forward to the next retreat with you! stay tuned...


"Thanks Carol. I arrived stressed and a little apprehensive about the weekend ahead. Your gentle down to earth approach and well structured program sees me leaving restored, enlivened and enriched." - Ross Duncan

"Carol is a very wise and giving person who brings a practical and intuitive approach to her yoga teaching, where she honours the capacity and potential in each individual." - Marissa Zaknich

"An enjoyable retreat with a good balance between yoga, meditation and free time. Enabled me to relax and feel balanced." - Tracey Bragg


autumn yoga retreat
13 - 15 april 2018

A nourishing weekend retreat at the Blue Mountains with an intimate group of yogis, replenishing their bodies and minds with daily yin and yang yoga, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, noble silence and healthy vegetarian meals. Everyone shared so much connection with each other, themselves and nature. Thank you everyone for coming and to a healthier you!


"Loved it! Thank you for broadening my mind to new things, as you always do:)" - Jan Bartholomew

"I feel so grateful to have Carol in my life. Her yoga retreats are like nothing I have experienced before. I highly recommend. I will be back!" - Rosemary Nolan

"We went on Carol's retreat last year to Bali, which was truly life changing for me. This year, challenged with time away from kids we sadly could not manage another week away. This weekend in the Blue Mountains was a fabulous way to still achieve that feeling but squeeze it in to our hectic life!" - Peter Simpson

"Love your classes and it made it easier to be a part of this - calming, relaxing and very reflective for the soul. Thanks muchly." - Terese Abbey

"My second retreat and another amazing experience. Beautiful location, great venue and exceptionally relaxing. Can't wait for the next one!" - Sue S

"It was challenging to settle in to the new environment, new people and new setting, however once I adjusted I found Carol's way of teaching very calming and powerful. The noble silence was an experience and a very positive one!" - Kate Langton


bali yoga & wellness retreat
6 - 12 March 2017

An amazing 7 days of yoga, healthy food, massages, temple visits, shopping and loads of rejuvenation time for this beautiful group of yogis. Everyone looked so amazingly blissful! Thank you for joining our march Bali Yoga Retreat! We look forward to sharing more retreat journey with you! 


"Thank you for an experience that will stay with me forever. Combining strong yoga with meditation and Yin at night, I felt myself progress through the week in my ability, my knowledge, my spirituality and my understanding. Carol was the perfect leader for this journey, calm, peaceful and tolerant but strong in her leadership and direction. Thank you Carol!" - Peter Simpson, Retreat participant

"I came on my first yoga retreat not knowing what to expect, but with an open mind. Carol structured a wonderful programme for us, that gave me an overview of the chakras, introduced me to meditation and gave me tools to continue on my yoga journey. The practice was slow and mindful and beautifully fulfilling. The setting was idyllic, with the cool breeze through the room and the outdoor sounds grounding you in Bali life. I would highly recommend this retreat to beginners and veterans alike, a very special week, time out to re-centre and re-prioritise. Namaste." - Rosemary Nolan, Retreat participant

"Everything was well thought through and perfectly balanced in terms of activities, yoga and free time. I loved the exploration and program based on the chakras. Each lesson was totally professional and in tune to the theme. The retreat was magnificent. Thank you for all your efforts and your energy." - Brielle Jones, Retreat participant

"The opportunity to getaway, develop my understanding of yoga and explore a different culture was a gift. I look forward to seeing where my journey takes me next!" - Kris Clark, Retreat participant

"The most amazing experience. This was my first retreat but it definitely won't be my last." - Susan Slater, Retreat participant

"I thoroughly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to really get away. An amazing group of people with a great balance of yoga and free time to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit." - Gavin Nealand, Retreat participant